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Game Design

Become an Industry-Ready Level Designer, Game Artist, or Coder in 12 Months

You will graduate with:

  • A diploma in Game Design
  • A portfolio showcasing your work
  • Industry connections that will help guide your career
  • Access to the VFS alumni directory and job board
  • Accelerated 2 to 3-year diploma, bachelor's, and master’s degree pathway options with partnered higher education institutions
  • A lifetime network of creative professionals

Specializations and Careers


Level Design

Level designers take the individual components created by the development team and tie them together to create the encounters players experience while they play. Within the discipline, there are sub-specializations into narrative, environmental set dressing, or scripting of game content.

  • Level Designer
  • Technical Designer
  • Environmental Level Designer
  • Narrative Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Design Lead
  • Production Support

Game Art

Artists in the game industry are responsible for creating the assets used in-game. Within the industry, artists specialize in a number of sub-fields, taking advantage of extremely powerful tools like Substance Designer, ZBrush, and Maya to do everything from hard-surface modeling to realistic or stylized characters, and procedural materials.

  • 3D Generalist
  • Environmental Artist
  • UI Artist
  • Cinematics Artist
  • 3D Animator
  • VFX Artist
  • Character Artist
  • Pre-visualization Artist


Coders use computer languages within game engines to create or extend the features in games or to create tools for others to use to create content. Coders are the first to see things in action inside the game, and the tools they create are the foundation of the game industry.

  • Gameplay Programmer
  • Network Programmer
  • Audio Programmer
  • Technical Director
  • Software Architect
  • Technical Artist
  • Tools Programmer

Six Terms. One Goal:
Learn How to Design the Games You Want to Play.

Establish fundamental skills in game theory, pre-production techniques, and storytelling.

Build on your game design foundation and start to work effectively in teams. Create your own playable 2D game in Unity.

Shift from theoretical to practical with hands-on work on detailed design documentation and front-end interfaces, and begin specializing in coding, game art or level design.

The core part of this term is dedicated to designing and planning a major team-based final project.

Conceive, plan, and execute a final project that delivers a rewarding interactive experience.

Engage with ongoing play-testing and complete your final project before unveiling your work to the industry.


A VFS Education

Means joining the VFS alumni family. You will have access to a network of creative professionals that are imbedded in the industry and will forge strong connections that will last throughout your entire career.

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