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Film Production

Become an Industry Professional in Directing, Cinematography, Producing, Production Design, or Post-Production in 12 Months

You will graduate with:

  • A diploma in Film Production
  • A portfolio showcasing your work
  • Industry connections that will help guide your career
  • Access to the VFS alumni directory and job board
  • Accelerated 2 to 3-year diploma, bachelor's, and master’s degree pathway options with partnered higher education institutions
  • A lifetime network of creative professionals

Specializations and Careers


Specializations and Careers

  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Producing
  • Production Design
  • Post-Production

Six Terms. One Goal:
Master Film Production.

Explore the possibilities of storytelling, giving you both the narrative craft and visual techniques necessary to bring a story to life on the screen.

Expand your range of filmmaking techniques while you learn to work on larger sets and co-create with outside writers.

Combine cutting edge techniques, like green screen and visual effects, with the ingenuity to solve production challenges, as you take on productions of rapidly increasing technical sophistication.

Enter into the studio component of the program and start production on your demo reel alongside industry mentors who will guide you to the finish line.

Dedicate your time and energy to Final Projects, high-quality short films that will form the basis of your professional reel.

Complete the filming of all Final Projects and focus squarely on the employment preparation and advanced electives.


A VFS Education

Means joining the VFS alumni family. You will have access to a network of creative professionals that are imbedded in the industry and will forge strong connections that will last throughout your entire career.

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