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Acting for Film & Television

Master Your Acting Craft from the Audition Room to On-Camera in 12 Months

A VFS Acting for Film & Television Education

  • A diploma in Acting for Film & Television
  • Video of your class's projects, professional headshots, and a promotional package highlighting your acting work
  • Industry connections that will help guide your career
  • Access to the VFS alumni directory and job board
  • Accelerated 2 to 3-year diploma, bachelor's, and master’s degree pathway options with partnered higher education institutions
  • A lifetime network of creative professionals
  • A graduation launch on, including a one-year membership

Six Terms. One Goal:
Become an Actor.

Acting core principles. Begin the mental, physical, and emotional preparation necessary to enter into the craft of acting.

On camera. Experience the technical and creative demands of acting auditions and casting calls.

Acting audition techniques. Expand your range and presence through improvisation and advanced skills to master any audition.

Special skills & special FX. Discover the demands of sitcom acting, and the special skills necessary for motion capture, green screen, and heightened dramas.

We develop your voice acting skills with on-the-mic training. Explore animation and ADR voice coaching sessions to further encourage ease and range in your voice to prepare you for the demands of feature film auditions.

Final project shoot. Shoot your film project and promo reel in studio to showcase your talents, and learn how to get an agent and drive your own career.


Make Great Connections For Your Future

A VFS education means joining the VFS alumni family. You will have access to a network of creative professionals that are imbedded in the industry and will forge strong connections that will last throughout your entire career.

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