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3D Animation & Visual Effects

Join the World’s #1 3D Animation Program and Become an Industry-Ready Animator in 12 Months

You will graduate with:

  • A diploma in 3D Animation & Visual Effects
  • A portfolio showcasing your work
  • Industry connections that will help guide your career
  • Access to the VFS alumni directory and job board
  • Accelerated 2 to 3-year diploma, bachelor's, and master’s degree pathway options with partnered higher education institutions
  • A lifetime network of creative professionals

Specializations and Careers



Modellers are the foundation of all 3D media and create all required visual assets in any CG production. Modellers can cover the spectrum from environments and props to full, working character animation models and work in the gaming, advertising, film, and TV industries.

  • Prop Modeler
  • Texture/Surfacing Artist
  • Environment Modeler
  • Character Modeler
  • Creature Modeler
  • Look Development Artist
  • Groom Artist

Visual Effects

Visual effects artists are responsible for bringing together all the different filmed and CG elements into a cohesive image. Additionally, VFX artists create simulations of natural and unnatural elements, create and composite additional set extensions for live action productions, and create the lighting design. VFX can be found in both animated and live action TV and film, as well as advertising and game productions.

  • Compositor
  • FX TD (Effects Technical Director)
  • Visual Effects Generalist
  • Houdini FX Artist
  • Lighting Technical Director
  • Tracking & Matchmove Artist
  • Rendering Artist
  • Particle Effects Artist
  • Matte Painter
  • On-Set Data Wrangler
  • Character FX Artist


Animators create performances that allow an audience to forget they are seeing pixels on a screen. They focus on performance, mechanics of motion, composition, and storytelling. Animators work in the film, television, advertising, and gaming industries.

  • Character Animator
  • Crowd Animator
  • Creature Animator
  • Pose Artist
  • Facial Animator
  • Gameplay Animator

Six Terms. One Goal:
Master 3D Animation.

Learn the basics of a 3D pipeline to gain insight into the different areas of production.

Apply your 3D skills to storytelling in our Pre-visualization class as you further advance your knowledge of the craft.

Narrow your focus by choosing one of three streams: animation, modelling or VFX while you plan your final reel in the pre-production classes.

Enter into the studio component of the program and start production on your demo reel alongside industry mentors who will guide you to the finish line.

Work with faculty and engage in the production process as you iterate and refine your shots. One on one feedback and regular group reviews make for a true studio experience.

Light, render, and composite as you put the final tweaks on your project for industry night – your debut to the local industry and beyond.


A VFS Education

Means joining the VFS alumni family. You will have access to a network of creative professionals that are imbedded in the industry and will forge strong connections that will last throughout your entire career.

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